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Welcome to the meat section of Casa Ortega, where you can find a great selection of national meats. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, game meat such as deer or wild boar... Meat online, for the day to day, to give yourself a tribute, for a barbecue with friends, for the children, for a diet, for a special dinner? All from our company Cárnicas Ortega, meats from selected cattle ranches and farms, under the strictest quality and safety controls, a unique meat, of excellent quality, for the most demanding palate. The best gourmet meat and select cuts, premium meat from the farm to your home, directly, with our home delivery service. If you are looking to buy meat online, the long tradition of Cárnicas Ortega and our daily service for decades supports us

Gourmet Meat

The gourmet meat, in Casa Ortega, because we have been knowing the best meat for our select customers for more than 80 years. The best cuts of meat for the most carnivorous, imported meats as in

Gourmet beef:

The tasty Angus beef (low loin, high loin...) or the wonderful Wagyu beef, from Hokkaido prefecture and American origin. Top quality pieces such as matured beef chops, entrecotes, steakburgers, incredible sirloins, T-Bone, churrasco meat, Black Angus beef,

Gourmet Pork

Gourmet pork in incredible pieces such as the best ear, ribs and ribs, cheeks, the best steaks, tenderloins, the best secret ... And of course, the premium suckling pig of Casa Ortega.

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