The Story of Ortega

Four generations committed to quality

It all started in September 1939, when Argelio Ortega, the second son of a La Mancha ranching family, opened the first butcher's shop at number 19 on the central Emilio Castelar Street in Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real. Soon it will differentiate itself from the rest by turning the place into a reference place for the quality of its products, expanding the offer and services, which the following generations will improve and consolidate, making Ortega synonymous with prestige. The opening of new establishments in the towns of Tomelloso, Campo de Criptana, Pedro Muñoz and Herencia, and a second in Alcázar de San Juan, attests to the expansion and success of the company. Now, in the twenty-first century, the fourth generation of the Ortega family is running a business that is firmly committed to innovation, with the opening of new marketing channels and management systems. New ways of doing for the new times, but always keeping in mind Ortega's true reason for being, the quality of all life.

Above all, Ortega is a commitment to quality gastronomy

At Ortega we have always been committed to quality and product. We are backed by a long history and the trust of our customers. We have always had a butcher shop specializing in wholesale with the best first-class meats and also a charcuterie department with the best and most traditional of our gastronomy: fresh sausages of excellent quality, in the form of a varied range of Iberian, cured, cooked or blood... the key is the raw material. And our gourmet shop, for which we have carefully selected numerous products of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Our winery in Ortega offers a selection of thousands of wines from all the Spanish designations of origin, from producers already committed to tradition or innovative, from large or small wineries.

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