Gourmet cheeses, at Casa Ortega

Cheese lovers know that at Casa Ortega they can find plenty of gourmet cheeses for special occasions or simply for small moments of pleasure every day. We are experts in cheeses since 1939, and that is why we have a wide selection, from the best dairies, in our online gourmet store. Cheeses to prepare savory recipes, sweet dishes (who can resist a good cheesecake?) or simply to take alone. If you are looking for cheeses for a special occasion, this is your place. In Casa Ortega we have great cheeses with designation of origin . For example, Spanish cheeses such as the famous Idiazábal cheese, Tetilla cheese, Arzúa-Ulloa cheese, Cabrales cheese or Manchego cheese; or Italian cheeses such as Provolone cheese, Grana Padano cheese or Pecorino cheese; french cheeses such as the famous Roquefort or Brie; Havarti; Dutch cheeses such as Gouda, Cheddar or Edam; Swiss Emmental cheese; Danish Havarti cheese; Greek Feta cheese; Cypriot Halloumi cheese; ... cheeses to share special moments, for yourself or cheeses to give as a gift!

Gourmet cheese online for all tastes

Casa Ortegathe gourmet cheese store of cow, goat and sheep cheese, in a thousand formats and of all kinds: from artisan cheeses, soft, semi-soft and semi-cured; matured, cured, old and aged cheeses; to pungent cheese, cheeses with pepper, with truffle, in wedges, in one piece, in olive oil, cheese cubes, cheese spreads of a thousand flavors... No excuses, in Casa Ortega we have a lot of references of cheeses online for everyone and for all occasions.

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