Gourmet canned and smoked products online, at Casa Ortega

In Casa Ortega we have always bet for the best gourmet canned food and the most exquisite smoked products. The best product from the best areas of Spain exclusively for our customers.

Premium canned products from the sea

Like anchovies, anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea of Santoña, clams, cockles, tuna in olive oil, in organic EVOO, pickled, loins, slices, fillets, trunk and belly of tuna, eel, sea urchin roe, scallops, scallops, scallops, needles, razor clams from the Galician Rias, garlic, cod crusts, anchovies, tuna belly of light tuna, tuna in olive oil, frigate tuna and frigate mackerel, southern mackerel, stuffed squid, sardines and sardinella, anchovy fillets, octopus cooked and with paprika, Galician mussels and crabs, sturgeon confit, trout roe, herring fillets, cod roe, squid, wild red tuna loin, loin, mormo, morrillo, salmon and smoked salmon, horse mackerel, cocochas.... and the best caviar, always from the most prestigious and traditional brands.

Premium preserves from the orchard and the farm

Like piquillo peppers, roasted peppers, fried green peppers, Asturian fabada, Burgos black pudding (and in cream), pickles, sauerkraut, meats such as wagyu, bacon, pastrami, green beans, lentils, spinach, chickpeas, beans, green beans, chillies, beans with partridge, leeks, piparras, whole asparagus, in yolk, olives, eggplants, caramelized onions, onions in balsamic, chestnut puree, black garlic, all kinds of mushrooms, beans, jams of a thousand varieties, as well as gordal olives, pitted, manzanilla, natural, in pate, spicy, tomatoes, peas, vegetable stew, artichokes, corn cobs, mango, gildas... Now you know, if you want the best gourmet canned food online, visit our website Casa Ortega.

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