Knives and sharpeners, in Casa Ortega

Essential in your kitchen, cutting knives deserve a special place. A self-respecting chef knows that there are different knives for different pieces and products, and that the success of the cut often depends on the success of the dishes. Thousand types of kitchen knives at Casa Ortega, very easy to handle, made with the best materials: bread knives, knives for chopping vegetables, knives for cold cuts, different knives for meat according to the type of cut (butcher knife, steak knife ...), knives for filleting fish (sole knife, bream), knives for peeling, sushi knives, ham knife, paring knife, santoku knife, boning knife, oyster opener knife... And, of course, knife sharpening chairs

... And cutting boards

And if you want to protect the countertops, other kitchen furniture or the table where you eat, you have cutting boards of all styles, materials and functions. Cutting boards for cheese and sausages, wooden boards, cutting boards for vegetables, meat...

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