Coffee, herbal teas and cocoa, at Casa Ortega

Discover on Casa Ortega all the coffee, cocoa and infusions, for all tastes and from all over the world:


All types of coffee, on Casa Ortega: gourmet coffee, coffee beans and ground coffee, decaffeinated coffee, natural roast coffee, classic roast or intense roast, blend coffee, coffee in capsules, espresso coffee, coffee from organic farming? And also, coffee from different corners of the world, such as 100% Arabica coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala or Brazil?


All the health benefits with the infusions of Casa Ortega: teas of many and varied blends (black tea, green tea, red or pu-erh tea, yellow tea, white tea, blue or oolong tea...), linden, chamomile, valerian, mint, and other infusions such as fruit teas, artichoke, fennel, lemon balm, mate, rosemary, anise, sage, ginger, dandelion or horsetail... Everything, in Casa Ortega.

And Cocoa

All the cocoa on Casa Ortega: gourmet cocoa, soluble cocoa, organic cocoa, instant cocoa, pure cocoa 100%...

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