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Cured hams and shoulders, at Casa Ortega En Casa Ortegathe best cured hams and shoulders, selection of the most authentic ham subjected to a slow process of drying and curing. The best Iberian hams cut by knife by our ham masters, 100% Iberian, 40%, cebo, serrano... In thin slices, to enjoy all the aromas and flavors of the best gourmet product in the world. Hams and shoulders from the best ham designations of origin in the country. And also, the most select sausages, traditionally seasoned with aromatic herbs, various spices such as paprika, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme, cloves, ginger, nutmeg .... Such as black pudding, sobrasada, fuet, figatella, butifarra, salami, coppa, chorizo (cantimpalo, cular, sarta, vela), loin, pork loin, morcón, duck ham... The best cured hams and shoulders and the most select sausages, at Casa Ortega.

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