The gourmet oil, at Casa Ortega You can get the best gourmet oil online at Casa Ortega, and for starters, our olive oil, the liquid gold. But... how many types of oils are there really, according to their production? Well, there are really three types: one, olive oil without more; a second, virgin olive oil, with other organoleptic qualities, and thirdly, gourmet extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), the olive oil of higher quality and more intense flavor; in addition, these oils admit nuances, additions and variants. One of the ways to classify gourmet olive oil is whether they are of monovarietal origin (only from a specific type of olive) or coupage, that is, a mixture of olives from different origins. If they are monovarietal, the most common are usually hojiblanca oils (a spicy touch, fresh grass flavor, a touch of bitter almond, perfect oil for blue fish, pasta, canned vegetables, sauces), arbequina (oils that taste fruity, almost sweet, very soft, ideal for toasts, salads, gazpacho, salmorejo...) or picual, quite intense oils, for stews, fried foods, macerates...). Also exquisite are the olive pomace oils, the result of pressing the whole olive, including the skin, pulp, and a refining process, which results in oils ideal for frying, being one of the healthiest oils. A wide variety of olive oils online, which can be found with the label of organic oils, or with additives that reinforce the nuances of the oil itself, such as olive oil with black truffle, or with white truffle, or chili pepper .... even in different formats (even in spray). Or sesame oil, avocado oil or soybean oil is a good complement for high protein diets due to its composition rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids. In Casa Ortega you will find a great selection of gourmet oils, of the best quality and very original, to prepare your dishes.

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