Salmuria Spray 100 ml El Capricho

Salmuria Spray 100 ml El Capricho


172.13€ Kg


Umami is considered the fifth taste, the fifth element of cooking. It is a Japanese word meaning "pleasant taste".

We have called it SalMŭria: Umami in liquid form. It has the color of amber and is a natural flavor enhancer that we get from the manufacture of salting.

It is not the famous Garum that Apicius describes in his De Re Coquinaria, but we venture to affirm that it has many similarities with this mysterious and famous sauce that, for centuries, delighted the most demanding Roman palates. Today, millennia later, it is once again appreciated for its qualities in haute cuisine. Not least for the fact that, just as salt tends to dry out dishes, our SalMuria makes them even juicier.

Valor energético: 40 kcal / 167,2 KJ
Grasas: 0,4
Saturadas: 0,2
Proteínas: 8
Hidratos de carbono: 1,1
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