At Casa Ortega we know about charcuterie

More than 90 years of experience give us all the knowledge and prestige around the world of charcuterie, the butchery specialized in products derived from pork and its by-products: thus, cold meats and sausages in general, and in particular, sausages, salami, sausages, chorizos, salami, bacon, bacon, bacon, jerky, chistorra, sobrasada, ham in different formats such as cooked ham, ham york, lacon ... In addition to sausages, sausages, black pudding, or whole pieces of ham, such as hams, shoulders, loins, morcón, loin, loin canes, knuckles... And not only pork: boar's head, lamb's liver fillets... A delicatessen that is adapting to the increasingly healthy habits in the lifestyle of our customers. The gourmet delicatessen is the history of Casa Ortega, since our beginnings in September 1939: Argelio Ortega, second son of a family of cattle breeders from La Mancha, opened the first delicatessen at number 19 of Emilio Castelar street in the center of Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real. He soon differentiated himself from the rest by turning the premises into a place of reference for the quality of its products, expanding the offer and services, which the following generations would improve and consolidate, making Ortega a synonym of prestige. Four generations committed to quality continue Argelio's dream.

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