Essential tableware and accessories for the table, at Casa Ortega

All the tableware and accessories for the table in Casa Ortega, essential details for the table that make the difference. From paella holders, infusion filter tongs, birthday candles in a thousand shapes, cotton, cloth and linen napkins, spatulas, oyster openers, ham sets, pastry brush, fruit brandy glasses, to very specialized items for the kitchen, such as professional knives: cooks, filleters, butchers, filleters, fillet cutters, sole cutters, boners, deli cutters, gouges, cheese cutters, peeler, Santoku knife, knife sets and fillet crushers, fish scalers, cheese lyres, fish tongs, ham tongs, plating tongs, corers, mixer rods, parmesan slicing knives, chicken scissors, wooden and rotating ham stands, garlic presses, nutcrackers, carving forks and chair forks, as well as items that you may already need, such as chopsticks of all kinds, including chopsticks, steamers, sushi mats, wooden knives and forks, salad bowls, bowls, trays, plates, hamburger boxes and sugar cane tupperware, kraft paper cups, coravin accessories, coals, glass cups... All kitchenware and tableware accessories, on Casa Ortega.

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