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BeefAt Casa Ortega you will find the best quality beef, meat from Cárnicas Ortega, available in all possible cuts and pieces. Beef, beef or ox meat comes from the so-called bovine or bovine cattle, and from a single species, Bos taurus, in its different breeds, varieties and ages. In the youth of the animal, we can differentiate between the meat of milk calf (or suckling calf), is of individuals of less than six months, it is a very soft and tender meat, with very little fat, ideal for diets. Veal meat refers to beef from cattle from 3 to 12 months of age, a tender meat (hence its name), with a delicate flavor that contains a lot of water and little fat. Yearling beef is from individuals less than 2 years old, weighing around 550 kilos, with juicy, red meat and little fat. It is one of the most consumed. Beef is from a female bovine that has calved at more than 48 months of age. Its meat has more yellow fat and is less tender, but with great nutritional and energetic contribution. The cut of the cow is red and fibrous, some pieces contain marbled fat between the fibers, which provides excellent flavor and juiciness. Beef refers to a castrated male with more than 48 months, castrated before puberty, which makes its meat different, with greater fat infiltration, which gives it a great flavor to the meat and magnificent texture, of great quality. Beef is a highly prized meat in the catering trade, and its most typical cuts are grouped into four categories: extra, first, second and third. In the extra category, the most demanded in the restaurant trade, the cuts are: high loin, low loin and sirloin. In the first category (A and B), in the A category: tapilla or picaña, babilla, hip, redondo, contra and tapa, among others. In the first category (B), cuts such as hip tip or hip tip, fish, shoulder, butt of the butt end or back flap, brace and water. In the second category, flank, flat, shank or shank shank. In the third category, tail, neck, tail, snout, flank or flank and rib.

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