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Your gourmet gifts and gourmet baskets, at Casa Ortega: choose your original gourmet gifts or create and personalize a gourmet gift basket with the products you prefer thanks to the great selection in our online store. The perfect gourmet gifts with which you will surprise everyone.

💁‍♀️ Or create your own gourmet basket

And no one rejects a gift basket with the best gourmet products, and even more so if they are selected with care and love ❤️, especially for the recipient< /strong>.

1. Choose from our gourmet products or make your gourmet pack from our online store.

2. Add them to yourshopping cart, go to checkout and finish your purchase.

3. You can add a personalized message for the recipient that we will include in your basket.

4. Select the address, delivery date and confirm your purchase. Your gourmet gifts will arrive on time

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Ideas for your gourmet box

If you don't know how to make your gourmet box, here we give you a series of ideas that will surely help you:

Idea 1: classic gourmet basket

The traditional gourmet basket, which usually has some Iberian products, a few delicatessen cans, such as caviar, pâté, an original cheese, some wine for special occasions, some sweets, an original liqueur...

Idea 2: The sweet gourmet basket

If you prefer something different, you can create a gourmet basket with other types of products, more sweet, incorporating shortbread-type butter cookies, jams, chocolates and chocolates, special breads...

Idea 3: special gourmet box Rías Baixas

Prepare an original special basket of irresistible appetizers from the wonderful Galician gourmet preserves, such as razor clams, cockles, scallops, needles, mussels, sea urchin eggs, white clams... all natural, and, of course, a couple of wines from the DO Rías Baixas.

Idea 4: a Hispanic gourmet box for your foreign friends

Full of products from all corners of our geography: melva canutera from Andalusia, anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, asparagus from Navarra, gourmet Asturian fabada, wines from La Rioja or Penedés, Iberian products from Jabugo (Huelva), extra virgin olive oil from Jaén , preserves from the Rías Baixas… The possibilities are endless.

Idea 5: gourmet picnic basket

With items that cannot be missing for a picnic, such as Iberian meats, foie, rustic picos, a couple of glasses, champagne, tablecloth and napkins...

Idea 6: gourmet box for snack lovers

With a selection of the best pickles, a bottle of vermouth, some cans of natural preserves...

Idea 7: romantic gourmet box

With a couple of bottles of rosée champagne and exquisite chocolates.

Idea 8: gourmet breakfast box

With several types of jams, cookies, exotic coffees, a set of tea varieties and the ideal teapot, infusions such as mint, pennyroyal, peppermint, stevia... Or the richest cocoa, as well as delicious muffins.

Idea 9: gourmet pack for lovers of organic and natural things

Natural wines, oils, organic legumes and sauces, natural chocolates, organic preserves, super natural jams, nuts without additions from traditional varieties...

Gourmet gifts at Casa Ortega

Make those you love most happy, including yourself, with Casa Ortega's online gourmet gifts. Exquisite products for the most gourmets, gourmet gift packs with top quality products. Choose the items they like the most and prepare a tailored pack, your personalized gourmet basket will be the best gift they will receive. Because no one can resist receiving a pack of gourmet products with exquisite items.

You can assemble a wide variety of baskets that you will be sure to get right: they will be the best surprise for anyone who receives it. Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversaries, corporate gourmet gifts, secret Santa gifts, weddings, communions... It doesn't matter: a basket of gourmet products (large, medium or small) is the best gift you can give. Choose the best gourmet gifts online at home, any date is perfect, gastronomy and delicatessen products are always the protagonists and the best gift.

Gourmet gift pack tailored to you

And at Casa Ortega we have been specialists in making your gourmet gift pack for many decades and that is why we have high quality selections and unique products that we know you will get right. Because we are experts in Iberian meats and sausages of the highest quality since 1939, such as our hams and shoulders, loins and sliced ​​meats: irresistible cheeses from prestigious denominations; of the most exquisite preserves from sea and land from all over the country (and from abroad, like our selection of wonderful caviars).

And of course, for those with a sweet tooth, all the sweets, including pastries, cookies, nougats, chocolates, jams and other delicatessen details. And we don't forget our winery: thousands of wine references from all denominations of origin, national and international, as well as distillates for all tastes.

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