Foies and Pâtés for all tastes in Casa OrtegaDiscover in Casa Ortega our great selection of varieties of foies and pâtés, delicacies associated with the most exquisite and elaborated traditional cuisine. At first, this denomination is associated to the most popular varieties nowadays, such as duck or goose (whose elaboration has a more complex process). Bloc refers to an emulsion created with fine portions of foie gras, perfect as a spread or in slices, of high quality but at a more affordable price than foie gras. The name Parfait refers to a specific composition of liver fat, i.e. 75% fat and 25% lean. The name mousse refers to that emulsion that has both poultry liver and animal fats, as well as eggs and spices, with 50% foie gras, perfect for spreading. In addition to the classic pâtés and foies, with a traditional flavor, more and more companies are adding new nuances that give color to the dishes on our tables; thus, we can find on Casa Ortega other types of pâtés, some of them of exotic origin: suckling pig pâté, partridge pâté, olive pâté, green or black, smoked tuna pâté, doe pâté with goose liver, Iberian pork pâté, shrimp pâté, hare pâté, mushroom pâté, truffle pâté, Pedro Ximénez pâté, scorpion fish pâté, bugre pâté, centillo pâté, mussel pâté, sea urchin pâté, mackerel pâté, scallop pâté, cranberry pâté... For all tastes. Choose your perfect pâté or foie for your dishes.

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