Buy honey, at Casa Ortega

The gourmet honey, in Casa Ortega: all the honey that you can imagine is in our online store. And honey is a super healthy food that stands out for helping to regulate sleep, as an anti-inflammatory, as a moisturizer, antioxidant, has antibacterial properties, reduces bad cholesterol, is a remedy against colds or constipation

A thousand types of honey

We know that the color, aroma and flavor of honey depends on the origin of the nectar, each type of flower or plant has a different nectar and so, in Casa Ortega you can find a thousand different types of honey. From almond honey, acacia honey, heather honey, lavender honey, chestnut honey, eucalyptus honey, lemon tree honey, orange blossom honey, thyme honey, rosemary honey, thousand flowers honey or holm oak honey, and honeys with pollen, honey with royal jelly, honey with propolis, honey with turmeric, honey with ginseng, honey with ginger, honey with almond cream, with orange blossom hazelnut cream with orange peel, forest honey, mountain honey...

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