All the vermouths, in Casa Ortega

The lovers of good vermouth are in luck, because Casa Ortega has the best brands .... Vermouth, that liqueur flavored with herbs, made with a good neutral wine, a touch of absinthe or absinthe and other bitter and tonic spices, a product that has returned with force. But... how is it macerated? Well, with a suitable mixture of botanicals, such as roots, spices, flowers and plants, a good aromatization of vermouth considered to be of quality will be achieved. There are a large number of products to macerate this liqueur and they can be combined in a thousand different ways

The most famous cocktails with vermouth

Vermouth goes with everything. With other liqueurs, juices, sodas and carbonated beverages. The citric flavor of vermouth makes it the perfect companion for fruity cocktails. Cocktails such as the famous Manhattan, the Rob Roy or the Negroni use vermouth as a basic ingredient. Also others, such as the creation of the German C. Schuman, the Vermouth Cocktail

The most famous vermouth brands

At Casa Ortega you can find classic vermouth brands, as well as other more modern and innovative ones. But all of them are quality vermouth brands. Domingo, Atamán, Picofino, Campari, El Bandarra, Fernando de Castilla or Petroni, are some of the brands in our cellar. The lovers of good vermouth are in luck.

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