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Pork meatIn Casa Ortega we have the best pork meat, coming from our group company, Cárnicas Ortega, pork meat of the best quality, in the pieces you want, ready to prepare all kinds of traditional and contemporary recipes. Pork pieces such as pork tenderloin, loin tape, loin chops, loin chops, kidney chops, hip, stifle, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder blade, needle (header), ribs, bacon, ham, jowl, knuckle, lean, white fat, feet, hands, tail, ears and snout, sausages, black pudding, sausages, chorizos, cheeks... Pork meat served by the best professional butchers. And the fact is that lean pork has numerous properties, making it perfect for a balanced, healthy and proportionate diet. That is why experts in nutrition and health recommend it, both for a balanced diet and for low-calorie, cardiovascular, low-salt or low-cholesterol diets.

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