Extra tenderloin fillets with garlic Casa Ortega

Extra tenderloin fillets with garlic Casa Ortega

Extra tenderloin fillets with garlic of our own selection Casa Ortega. Filleted and vacuum packed. Cold shipment in 24 hours.

Our meats are filleted or portioned at the time of order, as we have been doing since 1939 in our traditional butcher shops.

The cuts are sent vacuum packed guaranteeing the cold chain, ready to be consumed refrigerated or frozen and are properly labeled to ensure absolute traceability of the product.


15.38€ Kg


The extra tenderloin fillets with garlic from Casa Ortega are called white meat with very little fat. This piece is also known as loin ribbon. We want the product to arrive fresh and in optimal conditions to our customers, that is why we make the perfect cut and vacuum pack this product.the loin tape is very rich in vitamin B1, also known as thiamine. This vitamin is highly recommended after operations or interventions, since they are situations in which there is a greater expenditure of this vitamin. It is highly recommended during pregnancy and lactation. It is a rich and natural product with numerous benefits: it is considered white meat, with all the advantages of this type of meat. It contains very little fat, it is easy to digest, it provides a good caloric intake, it is easy to chew? Undoubtedly, it is one of the most consumed and is part of a multitude of gastronomies and cultures, thanks to its flavor and qualities. In Casa Ortega we put at your disposal a great variety of pieces of pork meat as strips of pork belly or fillets of pork needle.

Origin: Spain
Zone: Spain
Valor energético: 122
Grasas: 2,7
Saturadas: 1,6
Proteínas: 20,6
Sal: 1,5
Hidratos de carbono: 0,8
Azúcares: 0,8
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