Lean pork in pieces Casa Ortega 500g

Lean pork in pieces Casa Ortega 500g

Lean pork in pieces Casa Ortega. 500 grams.

Our meats are portioned at the time of order, as we have been doing since 1939 in our traditional butcher shops.

The cuts are sent vacuum packed guaranteeing the cold chain, ready to be consumed refrigerated or frozen and are properly labeled to ensure absolute traceability of the product.


12.12€ Kg


what is lean pork?Lean meat is meat whose content is below 10% of total fat. Contrary to popular belief, lean cuts of white pork are beneficial for reducing excess weight. Accompanied by a balanced diet, this food is a good ally. Fresh pork meat is recognized as a main source of proteins of high biological value, since it provides vitamins of the B group, some minerals such as iron and other bioactive components with antioxidant capacity.

Origin: Spain
Valor energético: 156
Grasas: 7,6
Saturadas: 2,9
Proteínas: 22
Sal: 0,18
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