Pork sweetbreads 500g Casa Ortega

Pork sweetbreads 500g Casa Ortega


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Less common than the other types, pork sweetbreads are also used in cooking for multiple preparations. They can be from Iberian pork, a delicacy in the south of Spain. They are in the same area of the neck as beef and pork, and have a similar appearance, with an irregular shape, a pink color and a gelatinous texture, and can be fried or battered with garlic and parsley, cooked in white wine, mustard, roasted, stewed or sautéed.

  • In some regions where pork gizzard is better appreciated for being part of their typical food, it is considered the most nutrient-rich part of the animal.
  • According to specialists who work with indigenous cultures, it is said that the indigenous people used to give pork gizzardsto women when they were in the fertile season to increase the mothers' nutrition. This clearly indicates that it is a potent source of many nutrients.
  • Protein contribution: Pork gizzards can be easily compared to meat, as it is an excellent source of protein with a high nutritional value.
  • Low fat: There is a doubt about this aspect. Due to the texture of the pieces, its fat content is confused, but pork sweetbread is a casing product that does not have as much fat as many people think.
  • Vitamins: The amount of vitamins contained in pork sweetbreads is surprising, especially vitamin B12. It should be noted that it is deficient in other types of cuts or foods. All these vitamins contribute to the improvement of the immune system and the nervous system, among other functions.
  • Minerals: The mineral content of pork sweetbreads is equally surprising. They have zinc, potassium, phosphorus, but one of the main ones is iron. It is very important since it transports oxygen in the organism.
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