Ecoherbes Dry White Pennyroyal Infusion ECO (10 Units)

Infusión ECO de Poleo Blanco seca Ecoherbes (10 Uds)

Micromeria fruticosais considered the digestive infusion par excellence. It is used to improve flu-like symptoms and stimulates appetite. Its intrinsic flavor and pleasant mint aroma stand out.fresh Ecoherbes sachets, with totally fresh leaves and flowers, whole, organic, homegrown and handmade, with the "easy drip" draining system. Individual airtight packaging, with biodegradable organic material - compostable and transparent, where you can appreciate all the content and the highest quality, while preserving the aromas, flavors and properties intact. It is a dynamic format, easy to use, suitable for both individual teapots and cups. It is delivered in boxes of 10 units per type and each bag is identified with the name of the product in four languages and the Ecoherbes Quality label.

Origin: Spain
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