Truffled Wedge 250 g Sierra de la Solana

Truffled wedge 250 g Sierra de la Solana

Sierra La Solanatruffled cheese is a totally new concept in La Mancha. It is a cheese with a moldy rind that is matured for only two months and is not pressed during the production process.This results in a product with a soft and creamy consistency, although firm when cut. The aromas and flavors correspond to unevolved milk with a subtle and elegant acidity derived from the absence of pressing.


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Quesería 1605 is located in the Finca Sierra la Solana, in the heart of La Mancha, in the town of Herencia, in a privileged natural setting with a harsh and extreme climate, which favors the growth of a very rustic vegetation that serves as food for our sheep of the Manchega breed. All these factors favor the production of a cheese with unique characteristics. Quesería 1605 takes its name from the year of publication of the first edition of Don Quixote and thus wants to pay tribute to the most universal book of our country.The production process, completely handmade, allows to differentiate certain batches that, according to the criteria of the refiners, will reach throughout the maturation process some signs of identity that will make them special. Artisan Manchego cheese, made with raw milk from purebred Manchego sheep, raised under strict hygienic conditions and under strict sanitary controls. Natural rind, without the addition of paints or antifungals.The rind of Sierra La Solana has a totally natural character so it is suitable for consumption. In fact, it is recommended to eat it, especially during the first three months as it intensifies the flavor and aftertaste of the cheese.Medium intensity aroma, characteristic of evolved sheep's milk, elegant and fruity. Lactic and cava notes. When cut, it has a firm paste and buttery texture. It is a short cheese as it has a low elasticity to the touch. In the mouth it has a medium firmness and solubility (it dissolves well in the mouth releasing little saliva); it sticks a little to the teeth (medium adhesiveness) and has a good buttery texture, which is manifested in a very pleasant fatty sensation. The granularity or ease with which we perceive the grain during chewing is fine or floury-weak. It has a lactic touch, due to its acidity, with hints of sweet cereal and fruity notes. Frank and balanced taste of salt. Elegant acidity with a mixture of clean animal and fruity aromas (olives). Pleasant aftertaste of dried fruits (hazelnut) and a slight spiciness well integrated into the whole that is accentuated with time. High persistence in the mouth. With time it evolves towards more intense flavors, typical of maturation (subtle rancio, leather, spicy) and notes of slightly roasted nuts.Denominación de Origen Manchego.

Valor energético: 1602 KJ / 383 Kcal
Grasas: 30,4
Saturadas: 18,9
Proteínas: 27,56
Sal: 1,5
Hidratos de carbono: 0,5
Azúcares: 0,5
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