Albariño 1411 Pazo de Rubianes 2020 75cl

Albariño 1411 Pazo de Rubianes 2020 75cl

Albariño 1411. Pazo de Rubianes. Vintage 2019. 75 centiliters.



"This ishow they define this great Albariño from Pazo de Rubianes. The maceration of the grapes is carried out in cold. Only the tear must obtained from the bleeding of the macerator is used for its production. Fermentation is carried out at a very low temperature, always below 16.5ºC, for a period of 5 weeks. Once the wine is finished, it is transferred to 1,500-liter tanks designed just for this wine. It is here where it remains for at least 6 months to complete its aging. As a last step, the lees are removed and the wine remains in this same tank until bottling, a wine with echoes of flower, fruit and sea breeze. With complex and refined elegance.

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