Tokaji Oremus Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013 50 cl

Tokaji Oremus Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013 50 cl

Tokaji Oremos Aszú 6. 2013 vintage.



This wine has a great tradition of more than four hundred years old. The Tokaj myth gives its name to this exclusive item. The Tokaj area is located in a large mountain range in the northwest of Hungary. The Oremus Winery is located at this point, a Hungarian winery founded by Vega Sicilia in 1993. The ideal conditions must be present for the formation of the noble berries used to make the contents of this bottle. The berries swell due to the humidity and cracks begin to form. As a result, a fungus called "botrytis cinerea" appears on their skin. The production of Aszú wine, also known as "tear wine", is based on centuries-old measures, adding 6 baskets (puttonyos) of 25 kilos each to the base must. The grapes macerate for 2 days until their size increases. They are then gently pressed. The wine ferments in new Hungarian oak barrels. It is a process that requires a lot of patience and can last up to two months. The finishing touch to this process is an aging phase of two or three years in 136 and 220 liter barrels, ending with another year in the bottle.what happened during the 2013 vineyard cycle?it was a mild winter with rainfall that favored the ideal water reserve in the soil. During the month of June, the rains continued followed by a dry July and August. In autumn there were cold nights and sunny days that strengthened the acidity typical of the region. Along with the 2008 vintage, the 2013 vintage is classified as the second great sweet wine vintage of the millennium, enjoying excellent quality and quantity.If you want to continue enjoying Vega Sicilia, you can purchase more products from this winery in our online gourmet store.

Nose: Great aromatic potential thanks to "botrytis".
Boca: Passionate, passionate and intense wine. A great taste of history.
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