Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximénez 75cl

Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximénez 75cl

Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez. 75 centiliters.



The vinification process of the Pedro Ximénez grape, which will give its name to this wine, begins with the crushing of the grapes to achieve raisining, an increase in sugar content and changes in its chemical, physical and sensory nature. Once the must is extracted and in order to stop its fermentation, wine alcohol is added until it reaches approximately 10º to stabilize it. During the following autumn and winter, the wine will be clarified. The wine is then "desludged", i.e., the sediment is removed. The wine is then pumped over again, this time up to 15º, and from there it is transferred to the barrels where it will enjoy an oxidative aging process using the soleras and criaderas system for 5 years.

Brand: Master Sierra
Volume: 75 cl
Grape: Pedro Ximenez
Add: N.V.
Type: White
Service: 16ºC - 18ºC
Graduation: 15%
Nose: Raisined fruits, figs. Typical aromas of pastry, toasted.
Boca: Dense, sweet, velvety, tasty.
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