Half round loin Joselito 650g

Half round loin Joselito 650g

Joselito loin tube. 650 grams.


97.74€ Kg


The Joselito loin - piece comes from the area of Salamanca. The pork has been fed only on natural fruits and grasses. It contains neither preservatives nor chemical additives. 6 months of natural curing. 100% natural.

Brand: Joselito
Origin: Spain
Allergens: No contiene ni gluten ni lactosa, lo que lo hace un producto 100% natural, apto para todos
Valor energético: 317 kcal / 1326 KJ
Grasas: 18
Saturadas: 5.8
Proteínas: 38,8
Sal: 3,5
Hidratos de carbono: 1,2
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