Manchego porridge El Obrador de la Mancha

Manchego porridge El Obrador de la Mancha


34.31€ Kg


Delicious ready-made porridge from La Mancha, with a touch of slaughter flavor. Ingredients: flour 69%, olive oil 30%, pork belly, salt and natural spices. Without preservatives or colorants. Keep refrigerated between 4º and 8º. How to use:1. Pour the content of the tub in the frying pan and add 600 ml. of water (2 and a half glasses approximately) by envase.2.. Heat over medium heat for about 5 minutes without stopping remover.3.. Enjoy authentic Manchegan porridge.

Brand: El Obrador de la Mancha
Valor energético: 534 kcal / 2221 kj
Grasas: 36,03
Saturadas: 7,54
Proteínas: 13,67
Sal: 4,71
Hidratos de carbono: 35,23
Azúcares: 2,9
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