King Silo White Cheese - 260 g (approx.)

Queso Rey Silo Blanco - 260 g (aprox.)


40.35€ Kg


Traditional Asturian cheese with a natural rind of variable consistency, depending on the degree of ripening. Creamy in a ring that approaches the rind and surrounds the heart of the cheese, which has a buttery paste with hints of fermented cream and grass, it is considered one of the elementary cheeses in the broad Asturian cheese culture.The slow lactic fermentation of the milk by lactic acid bacteria and the also slow draining promoted by a ladle molding in perforated molds, are determinant for the achievement of the textural and aromatic qualities of this cheese. The moldy rind is the icing on the cake in this cheese, in a drying cellar for 35/40 days and in a subway cellar from then until 65 days.

Origin: Spain
Allergens: Lácteos
Valor energético: 1330 KJ / 318 kcal
Grasas: 28,16
Saturadas: 18,69
Proteínas: 19,2
Sal: 1,2
Hidratos de carbono: 1,46
Azúcares: -
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