Ham Montesierra cebo 50% Iberian breed (White Bridle) 8 - 8,5Kg

Jamón Montesierra cebo 50% raza ibérica (Brida Blanca) 8 - 8,5Kg

Montesierra 50% Iberian breed fattening ham. 7.5 - 8.5 kilograms.


25.75€ Kg



Ham with a black hoof and shiny golden outer fat of soft consistency. When sliced, it shows molten shades of red, pink and ochre, with numerous infiltrations of shiny, pinkish-white veined fat. Its flavor melts smoothly and delicately on the palate with exquisite and unique aromas.

Valor energético: 1579 Kj / 337 kcal
Grasas: 28
Saturadas: 11
Proteínas: 31
Sal: 5,3
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