1902 Centenary Carignan 2017

1902 Centenary Carignan 2017

1902 Centenary Grenache 2017. 75 centiliters.



Incredible red wine of a very limited production, only three barrels of this incredible Grenache have been produced. It owes its name to the exact year in which the Cariñena vines of the Doix family were planted. The history of this wine comes from a great and daring gesture that was a turning point. Juan Extrems Doix, father of the current owner's great uncle, replanted this impressive vineyard that was attacked by phylloxera, and thanks to him, today it is possible to enjoy this incredible red wine.

Volume: 75 cl
Add: 2017
D.O.: Priorat
Service: 16ºC
Graduation: 13.5%
Nose: It needs time to open up. Then, aromas of currants, blueberries, fleshy and ripe blackberries mingled with fine and elegant toast from the French oak barrels themselves.
Boca: It has an excellent entry with a sweet astringency. Powerful and structured. Very tasty with hints of black plum, black currants and blackberries. Firm tannins and silky texture. Long finish and mineral aftertaste with soft special sensations.
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