Noval 10 Years Old Tawny

Noval 10 Years Old Tawny

Noval 10 Years Old Tawny. 75 centiliter.



One of the classic Port wines. It is made by blending different wines and with an age of around 10 years. This Noval shows the typical attributes of this type of wine. That is to say, with aromas of dried fruits and nuts, showing an unctuous palate. The vineyards from which the raw material for this Port wine is obtained are located in the hills surrounding the Douro River in northern Portugal. In the heart of this enchanting land are the vineyards of Quinta do Noval, where this great Port has been produced since 1715.

Volume: 75 cl
Origin: Portugal
D.O.: Porto
Graduation: 13.5%
Nose: Reminiscences of dried fruits and nuts.
Boca: Creamy and rich texture. Generous and spicy finish.
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