Pedro Ximénez Tradition VOS 75cl

Pedro Ximénez Tradition VOS 75cl

Pedro Ximénez Tradición VOS of Bodegas Tradición. 75 centiliters.



This great Pedro Ximénez owes its name to the grape with which it is made which, given its circumstances and the elaboration methods that are traditionally used, produce sweet wines, using the same system of criaderas and soleras as in the dry wines and due to the oxidative aging, this wine acquires all its personality. It is the youngest wine of all the wines qualified, with about 22 years of ageing, it has very fresh notes and a very intense sweetness . The only winery in Jerez dedicated to wines with a long tradition and old sherries with the VOS and VORS qualification is Bodegas Tradición. This certificate was created with the aim of identifying the quality and age of the wines, which is why in 2000 the Regulatory Council of the Jerez-Xeres-Sherry D.O. created these two categories. In this case, this Pedro Ximénez certified as VOS "Vinum Optimum Signatum" translated as Wine Selected as optimal, very old Sherry is a real jewel in Bodegas Tradición and the wine has an average age of over 20 years.

Nose: Intense aromas of fruits, raisins, figs and plums
Boca: Smooth, dense, silky and oily. Its passage through the mouth and throat is not at all heavy inciting one more sip. It has a long aftertaste of chocolate, licorice, coffee and toffee.
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