Palo Cortado Tradition VORS 75cl

Palo Cortado Tradition VORS 75cl

Wine Palo Cortado Tradition VORS. 75 centiliters.



This Palo Cortado wine is very special, unique and elegant. It comes from certain sherry wines with very peculiar characteristics due to its fermentation and aging in American oak casks. It is here that they develop their atypical characteristics. It brings a sublime elegance on the nose and delicate power on the palate, and once its brief time under flor veil is over, it begins its long period of aging through oxidation. It has an average age of 40 years thanks to which it manages to be the lightest and youngest wine of the great collection of VORS with which Bodegas Tradition Jerez, Bodegas Tradition is the only winery in Jerez dedicated to wines with a long tradition and old sherry with the qualification VOS and VORS is Bodegas Tradition. This certificate was created with the aim of identifying the quality and age of the wines, which is why in 2000 the Regulatory Council of the D. O. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry created these two categories. These wines enjoy an excellent quality because the contact with the oxygen in the air is intimate, in this case, this oloroso certified as VORS "Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum or Very Old Rare sherry" translated as Wine Selected as optimal and exceptional is a real jewel in Bodegas Tradición.

Nose: Great complexity with hints of bitter almond. Reminiscent of sea aromas but with a great background of pastry, candied fruit, nougat and balsamic notes.
Boca: Velvety, light and round on entry, sharp and saline when it reaches the taste buds and with a bitter almond aftertaste.
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