Valbuena 5º 2017 Magnum 1,5L

Valbuena 5º 2017 Magnum 1,5L

Valbuena 5º. Vintage 2017. Magnum. 1.5 liters.



A wine that preserves the wisdom of the past to the richness of the present. The vintage of this wine is complex due to drought and frost. It was a challenging vintage for the harvest, which was interpreted by extracting less during fermentation and adapting it to the aging. The second year of aging is spent in wooden vats to work on the harmony and tension of the wine.What happened during the 2017 vineyard cycleItwas a harsh winter with very low temperatures and heavy frosts. On the contrary, from February until the end of June this trend changed recording average temperatures above normal. The vineyard budbreak was early due to the April temperatures. The abrupt temperature changes considerably damaged budbreak. The night of April 27-28 was the hardest, and the use of anti-frost towers was necessary to combat it. of particular importance for grape ripening, the pronounced temperature jumps from maximum to minimum daily temperatures should be noted.

Nose: Powerful aromas of ripe fruit combined with aromas of creamy oak, dried herbs and balsamic touches typical of the Vega Sicilia terroir.
Boca: Spicy, powerful and with sensations of ripe fruit and ripe tannins.
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