Oremus Eszencia 2011 37,5cl

Oremus Eszencia 2011 37,5cl

Oremus Eszencia 2011. 37.5 centiliters. Pure concentration and intensity.



Behind this great wine hides a great legend. The legend of Tokaj begins with Louis XIV, who upon tasting this wine declared it to be "the king's wine and the king of wines". However, it was not until 1630 that the qualities of the Oremus vineyard were first mentioned. Oremus nectar stands out among all Aszú wines. It is defined as a unique and exquisite drink. The Aszú berries from which it is made are harvested individually. Each harvester picks between 5 and 10 kilos of grapes per day. The berries then rest for 15 to 20 days. It is the pressure of the weight of the grapes that causes the extraction of the juice they contain. Later, the must is transferred into 50-liter containers and left to ferment very slowly. After a year, it is transferred to 68-liter Átalag barrels, where it will continue its refinement. The final step consists of aging in bottle during a journey that can last for decades.in conclusion, it is said that Eszencia is the nectar of Tokaj, the symbol of identity of Oremus wines.what happened during the 2011 vineyard cycle?it was a colder winter than the rest and precipitation in the form of snow was very present. Budbreak was early due to the cool temperatures. On the other hand, June was dry with extremely high temperatures. July was rainy and cooler than normal. The long and dry autumn played in favor of over ripening and the harvest lasted three months.If you want to continue enjoying Vega Sicilia, you can buy more products from this winery in our online gourmet store.

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