Artuke Paso las Mañas 2020 75 cl

Artuke Paso las Mañas 2020 75 cl

Artuke Paso las Mañas 2020. 75 cl. A wine with a great tradition behind it.



This wine contains the tradition of "Las Mañas" which is celebrated every December 7th in Samaniego. This celebration consists of young people burning their "mañas" in order to scare away evil spirits. This wine is a pure expression of the Tempranillo grape. This time, Artuke offers us a red wine from Samaniego marked by the Mediterranean influence of the El Chorro area and that could remind us of the Syrah of the Rhone.The vineyards that house the raw material for this wine are located in Samaniego, in the municipality of Baños del Ebro, at an altitude of 600 and 700 meters. Facing north-south. The harvest required to produce this wine is done by hand.

Volume: 75 cl
Add: 2020
Origin: Spain
Service: 16ºC
Graduation: 13.5%
Nose: Aromas with fruity, floral, herbal, dairy and sweet spice expressions.
Boca: The palate is savory, structured, fruity and persistent.
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