Palacios Remondo, Quiñón de Valmira 2019 - 75 cl
93 Parker

Palacios Remondo, Quiñón de Valmira 2019 - 75 cl



"Valmira is one of those vineyards where the whim of nature meets the ancestral viticultural traditions of the region. An old world vineyard touched by a divine gift, whose extraordinary virtue we try to find an explanation. On the heights of Monte de Yerga, in the municipality of Alfaro, a vineyard among holm oaks overlooks the wide steppe of the Ebro Valley. Quiñón de Valmira, high and fragile beauty. A group of monks reached this calcareous podium at an altitude of 615 meters in the 11th century. Their steps ended a little higher, at the top of Yerga, where they founded the first Cistercian settlement in the Peninsula. The spirituality of the place, beaten by centuries of wind and Mediterranean sun, leaves a faint presence: the silent nerve of the Grenache, the charm of solitude. The affinity of the vines with this environment is also mystical. A long and almost forgotten history of adaptation and nature, which today leads to a stimulating resurgence. With Valmira we return faith and gratitude to our own land. Facing southeast, Valmira sits on Quaternary Era soils. Its soils, only 20 centimeters thick, are formed by carbonate sedimentation of calcareous and clay-ferrous colluvium. Just below we find a very deep, poor and very cold calcic-petrocalcic horizon, with a characteristic white tonality. In the freshness of the mountain, we sometimes notice an oceanic air, a humid northern breath full of fragrances. The edaphological and microclimatic analyses define a vineyard with a very slow and late ripening. The extreme austerity of the geology produces few and small clusters, which offer a soft wine with a thousand details. A fluid flow full of vitality, pleasure and indescribable mysteries. A whim of nature, a very fortunate coincidence that concludes with this elixir full of life".

Volume: 75 cl
Grape: Grenache
Add: 2019
Parker: 93 Parker
Service: 16ºC
Graduation: 13.5%
Nose: intensity and frankness, notes of aromatic herbs and infusion, floral, menthol balsamic, minerals. Elegant and complex.
Boca: light, subtle and delicate, tasty, very aromatic, pleasant on the palate, lively, excellent balance and harmony of sensations. Long and suggestive finish.
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