DOP Cebreros 2018 75cl

DOP Cebreros 2018 75cl

At Badiola we make pure and elegant wines that faithfully reflect their origin in Rioja Alavesa. We are an experienced team of winemakers, oenologists and two Masters of wine, who work sustainably and with absolute respect for our vineyards and historical sites.


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The geographical area of the Protected Designation of Origin Vinos de Cebreros is located in the southeast of the province of Avila. Traditionally this area has been known as "Cebreros" as far as vineyards are concerned, although as you know it covers a total of 35 municipalities. As a result, the area has a total surface area of 1,663.16 km2, of which 85% corresponds to the Garnacha Tinta variety, 10% to Albillo Real and the remaining 5% is divided between Garnacha Tintorera and Tempranillo.The wines produced in Cebreros PDO are whites, rosés and reds, both young and aged, which have in common some special characteristics that are a consequence of the land in which our red Garnacha and Albillo Real are grown: They are elegant, tasty, balance between alcohol and acidity, fine and very lively, as well as a high longevity.
It all started with a dream, which became a reality thanks to many people: winemakers, winegrowers, hoteliers, hoteliers, artisans, tourism people, all of them united with one goal, the PDO Cebreros. As Rafael Mancebo, current president of the Cebreros PDO, says "where others saw abandoned vineyards, I saw a future, work and opportunities" .
Pairing: Acorn-fed Iberian ham • Risotos • Roasts • sheep cheeses • white meats
Nose: It takes its time, initially marked by notes of toast. Auvado and red fruit background, slight extraction, earthy background, cherry liqueur and ferns.
Boca: Much more expressive and concise, clear and deep. Round and gourmand entry, menthol freshness, balancing acidity, stimulating. Dry touch and a toasted hatched in the fruit, it is sober and light, mineral, earthy, tender and consistent at the same time, it is enjoyable.
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