Menade Sauvignon Blanc 2022 75cl

Menade Sauvignon Blanc 2022 75cl

Menade Sauvignon Blanc 2020. 75 centiliters.



A great example of a single varietal Sauvignon blanc, the grape that has found a good place to take root in the Rueda area. Aromatic, fresh and delicious, to enjoy in good company, this white is also certified organic . Less yield has been sought to achieve a better ripening of the racimos.Bodegas Menade is not just any winery: it has been a pioneer in organic farming and the only one of the D.O. Rueda to obtain the certificate of guaranteed organic viticulture. For them it is essential to give back to nature what man has stolen from it, and for this reason they have built an ambitious process of environmental restoration that, in addition toenriching the natural environment, has turned the estate into a place full of life.

Pairing: Fish • Pasta • rice
Nose: Aromatic intensity and complex display of various essences reminiscent of mint, coriander and fresh basil. In the background, soft tonalities are perceived that evoke touches similar to tangerine peel and mango.
Boca: Fruity, round and with light fruit integrations that remind us of papaya and passion fruit. Its passage is wrapped in a strong textural component.
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