Organic fried tomato SaborEco 315g

Organic fried tomato SaborEco 315g


7.81€ Kg


Organic fried tomato with extra virgin olive oil. Saboreco's fried tomato is prepared with top quality natural ingredients. The recipe, with an authentic sofrito of garlic and tomatoes will enhance the flavor of all platos.Perfecto to accompany your pasta dishes, meat, rice, fish.

Brand: Saboreco
Origin: Spain
Zone: Spain
Allergens: No contiene alérgenos.
Valor energético: 554kJ/134Kcal
Grasas: 9.3
Saturadas: 1.4
Proteínas: 1.1
Sal: 0.9
Hidratos de carbono: 11.3
Azúcares: 9.7
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