Libanofoods Orange Blossom Water 250ml

Libanofoods Orange Blossom Water 250ml


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Orange blossom is the white flower of trees such as lemon, cedar or orange. Although it is more commonly known as the flower of the orange tree, its name derives from the Arabic "al-azahar", which means white flower. Its name derives from the Arabic "al-azahar", which means white flower. This tree is usually cultivated in warm climate areas, although its fruits bloom in late autumn or early winter. However, it is in spring when it shows its maximum splendor and it is usually at the end of March or April when the fresh flowers are harvested, just opened and without yellowing.The orange blossom is characterized, in addition to its beauty, by its intoxicating aroma, widely used in aromatherapy and cosmetics. It is true that this flower also has multiple therapeutic properties.

Orange blossom and its use in beauty and cosmetic products

Its characteristic aroma and its nourishing properties have favored the chemical industry to see in the orange blossom flower a vein when making beauty and cosmetic products such as soaps and perfumes and even inciensos.Con its flowers can also make essential oils, ideal to nourish and give softness and shine to the skin, as well as stimulate the production of collagen, thanks to its vitamin C. A component that helps to reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and skin scars.The beauty of the orange blossom flower means that it is also used as a decorative element. In fact, nowadays, it is common to see brides on their wedding day with crowns and ornaments made with orange blossoms or even with bouquets composed of these flowers. Not only for its beauty and aroma, but also for the symbolism that this flower hides. In ancient civilizations, women wore tiaras and ornaments with orange blossoms on their wedding day as a symbol of purity and beauty.

Medicinal and curative properties of orange blossoms

Another of the most frequent uses of orange blossom is in natural and traditional medicine due to its multiple properties curativas.Por For example, thanks to its sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, orange blossom is widely used to mitigate pains such as headaches or migraines. For sore throats and coughs it is highly recommended to take an infusion made with orange blossom, which can be complemented with other natural ingredients such as honey, lemon or canela.Por its high content of pectin, orange blossom is also very good for treating stomach problems such as heavy and slow digestion, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Due to its high iron and potassium content, it also helps to combat anemia problems, and its anxiolytic and hypnotic properties help to combat stress and anxiety. The essential oil of orange blossom extracted from the flower of the bitter orange tree or neroli is also used in topical treatments, thanks to its healing and soothing properties for the skin.

Culinary uses of orange blossom flower

Perhaps one of the least known uses, but one that is widely used in other civilizations such as the Arabic, is in the kitchen, where the water extracted from orange blossom flowers can be used to prepare different recipes, mainly pastries, as well as to dress salads and cold dishes. The flower petals also provide a very characteristic bitter orange aroma and blossom water, made with water and flower petals can also be drunk, retaining all its properties and being very beneficial for purifying and regenerating the organs, as well as for hydration. In fact, it is also very common to make infusions with it to soothe pain and combat dizziness and fainting.
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