Truffle Slices in oil 50 g Manjares de la Tierra

Truffle Slices in oil 50 g Manjares de la Tierra

The truffle has been known since ancient times; the Greek philosopher Plutarch even believed that it was the product of the combined action of water, heat and lightning. But it is in the Middle Ages and, above all, in the courts of the Italian Renaissance that the truffle was recognized as a noble food par excellence.truffles are a subway fungus, which grows near the roots of certain trees that are called truffle species, for example: oak or holm oak.the truffle is not in contact with the roots of the tree, it is joined to them by a mycelium that we do not perceive. The relationship between tree and truffle is a symbiosis, they associate with each other.truffles are found below the surface at about 20 cm is a product so rooted to the earth that, to extract the truffle, the dog's sense of smell is required, without them it is impossible to find the fungus at its optimum ripening time.there are up to thirty edible varieties of truffle, not all of them with culinary value.


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Summer truffle slices, Tuber aestivum variety, in extra virgin olive oil from Southern Aragon, preserving the truffle in authentic liquid gold.

Top quality truffle slices

These black summer truffles have been carefully selected to obtain the desired product. They have been manually sliced before being packed with extra virgin olive oil and a little salt, nothing else. Summer truffle slices in oil are a 100% natural product that we preserve in a traditional way, so that you can enjoy them all year round.

Truffle slices in gastronomy

Summer truffle slices in oil are the ideal condiment for both hot and cold dishes. In order to use this product in the correct way, it is advisable to plate it and let the food cool down in case it is a hot dish. Once it is no longer very hot , place the truffle slices on top with a touch of its own oil already flavored to season just before bringing the dishes to the table. It is these small details that completely change the flavor of a dish, and it is the perfect product to accompany pasta, salads and even tapas accompanied by a beer. These slices of summer truffle with oil are also the perfect decorative finish for white fish dishes and meat dishes.this variety of black summer truffle is mild and light in flavor. Even so, its aroma is unmistakable and it is able to impregnate a preparation perfectly, in a balanced way, as any natural product.It can be stored in a cool and dry place for 4 years. Once the bottle is opened, it should be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 days.
Brand: Delicacies of the Earth
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