Truffle Juice 45 g Manjares de la Tierra

Truffle Juice 45 g Manjares de la Tierra

The truffle has been known since ancient times; the Greek philosopher Plutarch even believed that it was the product of the combined action of water, heat and lightning. But it is in the Middle Ages and, above all, in the courts of the Italian Renaissance that the truffle was recognized as a noble food par excellence.truffles are a subway fungus, which grows near the roots of certain trees that are called truffle species, for example: oak or holm oak.the truffle is not in contact with the roots of the tree, it is joined to them by a mycelium that we do not perceive. The relationship between tree and truffle is a symbiosis, they associate with each other.truffles are found below the surface at about 20 cm is a product so rooted to the earth that, to extract the truffle, the dog's sense of smell is required, without them it is impossible to find the fungus at its optimum ripening time.there are up to thirty edible varieties of truffle, not all of them with culinary value.



Truffle juice is obtained from the first cooking of totally fresh black truffle Tuber melanosporum together with water and salt. No coloring or preservatives are added at any time. It is a 45 ml jar containing the essence of the truffle itself, which is cooked in such a way that the truffle gradually releases its juice without losing flavor or aroma. This truffle juice that is released is packaged directly, so the final result that you get at home is a 100% natural product.

Truffle juice in the kitchen

This juice is used, above all, to reinforce the flavor of certain dishes such as sauces or broths, but it is also used for roasts and creams. It is used to get the base of any truffle sauce, and it is the perfect complement to season many dishes that need a touch of black truffle.This truffle juice is an excellent way to keep all its flavor to cook with it incredible dishes throughout the year. It is a highly sought after product for all those lovers of good food and who know how to detect an unmistakable delicacy as the prueban.Lo that makes this truffle juice stand out is clearly its intense aroma in a balanced way, like any natural product, the incredible and unique flavor of the truffle in essence.As for conservation, it holds unopened perfectly five years in a cool and dry place. Once you open the container you should keep it in the refrigerator for no more than 7 days.
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