San Cassiano Carbonara Sauce - 140g
Gluten Free

San Cassiano Carbonara Sauce - 140g

Carbonara sauce seems to have been invented by a young Bolognese chef named Renato Gualandi, who in Riccione in 1944 had to improvise a lunch for the liberating American troops. He had only bacon, eggs and cheese. He decided to create a sauce for the pasta, adding just a little black pepper to these ingredients, to better release all the flavors. The satisfaction was such that the young Italian was hired as a cook for the U.S. Army in Rome. This is how pasta alla carbonara became a well-known and widespread dish, starting from the city of Rome.



Egg sauce, Pecorino Romano Dop cheese and smoked bacon. It is one of the most famous Italian pasta dressings. Exquisite and creamy, it is made with 100% Italian eggs, ideal with spaghetti and any other type of pasta. It is advisable to heat this sauce slightly over low heat before using it and pour it over the pasta. It is a very concentrated sauce, you can dilute it with a little pasta cooking water.

Brand: San Cassiano
Origin: Italy
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