Assorted Walkers Shortbread Fingers 250g

Assorted Walkers Shortbread Fingers 250g

Assortment of Walkers cookies. 250 grams.


24.81€ Kg


With this assortment you can enjoy the full flavor of the popular and fantastic Scottish Walkers cookies. 250 grams of flavor and the perfect size to be the perfect companion for your coffee!These butter cookies are perfect for a snack or breakfast. But be careful, he won't be able to stop eating them! These cookies are made in the traditional way, following the recipe that has been passed down through the generations for more than 100 years. They are made with butter from a selected dairy. They are perfect to accompany tea or coffee, even added to desserts and ice cream.The history of Walkers dates back to 1898, in a small bakery in a village in the highlands of Scotland. There, butter cookies began to be made. Over time, new manufacturing methods and ingredients have been incorporated.

Brand: Walkers
Origin: Scotland
Valor energético: 533 Kcal / 2226 KJ
Grasas: 30
Saturadas: 19
Proteínas: 6
Sal: 1
Hidratos de carbono: 58
Azúcares: 16
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