Torreznos de Soria 470g

Torreznos de Soria 470g

The best way to enjoy an authentic Torrezno de Soria in record time and without any culinary knowledge required.


17.65€ Kg


Tray of pre-cooked Torreznos de Soria of 470 Gr approx. The ideal option to enjoy the best flavor with your family and friends in record time. Our medium sized tray is the bane of lovers of stylish lunches and will be able to brighten up even your most complicated day. And with an expiration date of 3 months, it's a permanent fixture in your fridge.

Brand: Moreno Saez
Valor energético: 460 kcal / 1908 KJ
Grasas: 41
Proteínas: 23
Sal: 2.10
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