Dried smoked peppers from La Vera - La Chinata

Dried smoked peppers from La Vera - La Chinata

Sweet smoked Ñoras de La Vera from La Chinata. Ideal to fill your dishes with flavor and color.


14.72€ Kg


La Chinata has many varieties of smoked dried peppers. Among them, we can find sweet, sweet and sour and hot peppers, smoked dried peppers will give your dishes a very special touch, whether you use them directly or if you moisten them in water to extract their flesh. You can use the peppers in rice, meat or fish stews, legumes or to make sauces.

Origin: Spain
Allergens: Sin gluten
Valor energético: 749 KJ / 180 kcal
Grasas: 13,2
Saturadas: 1,49
Proteínas: 6,25
Hidratos de carbono: 6,14
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