Maldon salt 250g

Maldon salt 250g

Maldon salt, or Maldon salt, is a salt used as a seasoning, generally in haute cuisine. It comes from the estuary of the Blackwater River, in the municipality of Maldon, in the county of Essex(England). Founded in 1882, it has belonged to the Osborne family since 1922. Its production is purely artisanal and laborious, using traditional methods and techniques already used by the Romans and Saxons in the same area. It usually forms soft crystals in the form of flakes (it is sometimes called flake salt for this reason), ideal for use in roast meat (when it comes off the grill and just before serving), in appetizers and some tapas, with roasted mushrooms, etc. The size of its grains is medium. The price of this salt is much higher than the common salt used in cooking.


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Sea salt flakes box 250 grams

Brand: Maldon
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