Bomba Rice King of Rices 1 Kg Roca Mill

Bomba Rice King of Rices 1 Kg Roca Mill



Genuine, rare and privileged variety within the group of round grain rice (japonica). This rice is considered worldwide among the best round grain rice.

Produced in the rice fields of the Albufera Natural Park of Valencia. Cultivated by farmers with tradition and experience. Purity 100×100 controlled.

Once cooked and rested, the grains of this rice are consistent, whole and loose, storing between their rings the aroma and bouquet absorbed. Due to the percentage of amylose contained in its composition, it does not adhere easily to the bottom of the paellas during cooking.

Ideal for dry rice dishes, as well as mellow, brothy or baked... For all Mediterranean rice dishes.

Brand: Rock Mill
Origin: Spain
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