Whole chicken Casa Ortega 2-2.2 Kg

Whole chicken Casa Ortega 2-2.2 Kg

Whole chicken Casa Ortega. 2-2,2 Kg.

Our meats are filleted or portioned at the time of order, as we have been doing since 1939 in our traditional butcher's shops.

The cuts are sent vacuum packed guaranteeing the cold chain, ready to be consumed refrigerated or frozen and are correctly labeled to ensure absolute traceability of the product.


6.49€ Kg



Chicken meat is the name given to the muscle tissues and organs of the chicken. It is frequently found in many culinary dishes and preparations all over the world. Its meat is considered a staple food and it is for this reason that it is included in the consumer price index. Chicken meat is one of the healthiest on the market. It is a nutrient-dense food. The main component of chicken meat is water, which represents 70% to 75% of the total; proteins account for 20% to 22%; and finally, fat, between 3% and 10%. In conclusion, it is a food with a high nutrient density.

Valor energético: 163 kcal
Grasas: 9,5
Saturadas: 3
Proteínas: 19
Sal: 0,2
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